Drew DeBoy was born in 1984 in the midwestern auto town of Kokomo, Indiana. I graduated from Ball State University in 2006 with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing. In 2013, I live & work in Indianapolis, Indiana. In between these dates, you could find me:

  • officiating small children kicking each other instead of a soccer ball at the Police Athletic League
  • lugging an industrial-strength garbage-bag full of chili to the dumpster at an Indiana University food court
  • playing rock-and-roll to three unenthused dudes and their even-less-enthused girlfriends in City, State, America
  • dodging sneezes on while teaching elementary-aged students the wonders of the Internet
  • swimming or touching-the-waters in the Pacific, Atlantic, North Sea, and Nooksack
  • extolling mentally the virtues of a food processor to nobody while kneading a pie-crust
  • allowing his girlfriend to order the day's third street-vendor waffle
  • flipping through the used record bin for just one more minute, ok just another section,
    seriously I'm almost done
  • eating beach mangos sold from a woman's head while hanging out with thirty-something dude-friends extolling the 1994-Lollapalooza-ish atmosphere of Venice Beach 
  • These events are not in order and may not be of importance. Time will tell.