Sunday, December 1, 2013

Think Kit #1: Year in Photos

I was thinking about 2013 this past week, and my brain said, "Dang dude, you didn't do that much last year. After all, in 2012, you quit a job, got a new job, went to Europe for 40 days, went to Washington for your brother's wedding, moved, and did a bunch of boring everyday shit in-between." But when I started actually thinking about it, I did cover some ground in 2013: the Year of Doing Shit (Better).

The following images are 97% of what has kept me mostly sane for the past 11 months:

The annual (Wooves) Chicago winter retreat wherein males venture
to the snowy Northlands, raise orderly havoc, consume bacon,
imbibe Belgian birthday brews, and reflect upon the aging process.

Amelia made many photographs this year. Here was the first 
of her showings, in Muncie's Gordy's Fine Art + Gallery.
Her photography also provided reason to visit...

...Portland. Top-to bottom:
–Ken's hero sandwich on ciabatta. Some of the best bread we magically
stumbled upon. I copped his book and my baking skills rose.
--Columbia River overlook somewhere near Multnomah. Nature's trifecta:
Mountains, Trees, Water.
--Prancing the Willamette somewhere south of the city. Temporarily
King of this Abandoned Isthmus.

It's true, Randy came to the Midwest. Tacos and bar-crawls
soon followed. Let's hope he comes back soon.
Or that we get out to Seattle soon. Either way!

Everything, Now! at the 10th anniversary Sunshine of Doom show.
This was a great night. Never knew those songs could sound
that good...I guess it's nice to know we improved in a decade.

Bread. I'm obsessed. And not just any kind.
Ken Forkish helped me take my 
stylings to a new level.
I probably ate this loaf in three days.
(Salted butter is the only kind of butter.)

Amelia prepped, peeled, sliced, and froze 80% of these peaches by herself.
And canned numerous other produce we were fortunate enough to receive.
All this in a house without air conditioning. Y'all are spoiled...
We lost countless brain cells this summer from heat exhaustion.

I'm not even sure I have digested California enough to write about it.
8 days, up to 7 dudes at once. Turning or nearing 30.
Pacific Coast Highway, San Fran, Venice Beach.
Redwoods. Ocean. Sky. Mountains.
Old friends. Older friends.

Hey! I booked a show for my favorite band, Landing.
It was fantastic. They were fantastic.
It was also the day I returned from California.
I ate a giant torta and zoned out to their drone-pop melodies.

Not only do we buy cars (well, just one) but we clean up, too.
Goofy prom pictures may have later resulted from too much
good food and good drink.

Chicago became a bit of a haven this fall.
We did a lot of walking and eating, the two
most important things in life aside from good friends
–which exist there in plenty. 

Amelia showed more photos in Ft. Wayne this fall.
We journeyed up for the opening, and stayed afterwards
to hang out with a great group of artists, creatives, and other 
adults who proved that getting out of Indy can be artistically refreshing.
Ft. Wayne, I take back all ill things I've said about you.

Oh yeah, I kept baking. My mom mailed me a reed banneton,
which may have changed my life.

Between Record Club, starting some shifts at LUNA,
pilgrimages to Reckless Records, and ... well, moving way
closer to LUNA – it was a heavy vinyl year.

We rang in Thanksgiving with my parents in Florida. 
2014, where will you take me? I hesitate to predict,
but hope that I can project continued adventures.

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