Friday, August 16, 2013


Cusp–from Latin cuspis, "a point; a sharp end." I am on the cusp, the bare point, the end of the last week before returning to California for the first time since 2006. Seven years have passed from the time I've been thinking + writing often about lately; seven years passed, along with a foot or so of hair-length, six (plus) jobs, four vehicles, a couple other tours, three places of residence, an amalgam of blended-and-blurred obsessions, scars, and flickering anxiety. I want to feel clarity, a sense of vibrant accomplisment, and the salt of the ocean.

Here is a photograph of the last time I was in California:

Note: this was written before I went to California. Since, I've gone + come back. More scrawlings from the trip will follow.

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