Monday, December 10, 2012

Year of Doing Shit Better

2012 became affectionately known, post-birthday gathering and bar, nay, brasserie-crawling weekend in Chicago, as the Year of Doing Shit. 11 months on from that blizzardly detour, we've decided that 2013 should be the Year of Doing Shit Better. I'll be 29 in January, high time to become some sort of master craftsman (or piss-poor imitator) at _______. Let these moving images, sound waves, visions, and non-linear text combinations be my Inspirado.

(Some serious brows and beards.)
Establish a vision. Make a record that fulfills it.

Become the Rustic Loaf. 

Travel more. Digest better. Document creatively. 

(NEU!'s "Hallogallo" from 1972.)
Internalize this. Space and atmosphere.

(2011 half-marathon. Maconaquah vintage jersey.)
Hitting my goal of 200 runs for 2012. 
Now, do that over with 5 days of body-weight training per week. 

Salle Anselm Kiefer (Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin)
(Anselm Kiefer at the Hamburger Bahnhof.)
See more art. Make more art. Become a fount of ideas.

(Kama Stoutra homebrew.)
Brew more beer. All-grain. On my own set-up.

(January 2011. Muncie.)
Grow another beard like this.

Ok, not really. 

But accumulate all the learning & knowledge that is possible.

With excess of Good; and firm asceticism toward Good-Enough. 

(Part of SmallBox's ThinkKit project.)

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