Wednesday, December 28, 2011


amelia's mom got me a set of haikubes for Christmas. tonight, while making-and-eating a ham-bell pepper-onion pizza, amelia and i, and wes & sarah, all completed haiku and read them while snapping and/or golf-clapping. here are the results (parentheses are the "theme" of the poem as determined by the dice. apologies for any punctuation I screwed up.):

sarah (a dream about my work life)

Her putrid limbs up;
gleeful he killed the sweet girl.
Desperate for fire.

amelia (a reflection on my romantic life)

Finally the tiger
bust hellbent between hard limbs.
Dilemma eats heart.

drew (a dream about my childhood)

My brother--A grand,
greased villain, slowly looks
for my limbs. Torture.

wes (a reflection on my childhood)

Baby villain sang
through torture-esque lips, after
the ravenous war.

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