Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slow Burn

Things have been slow, lately. Waiting for the season to turn gradually from Winter's thaw to a sponge of a Spring. Working on my March mix (vinyl-only; also called Slow Burn), and started recording an as-yet-unnamed instrumental project yesterday in my basement (Infinite Spirit Rituals? what do you think...). Here are some slow jams, like watching buds form on skinny tree limbs, like the slow-drip of the last gutter icicle.

Cat Power w/ Loren Mazzacane Connors - The Leopard and the Lamb (LIVE)

Connors signature anchored chime move slowly through a slight gain hiss, crawling towards the light. I wish they'd make an album together, the perfect pairing of syrupy-slow vocals and slowly-metamorphosing blues that meet in a glorious balm.

Faust - Jennifer

The bass line ripples through this song, a pond circling in on itself, the guitar melody circling slowly behind, blending into a hazy, dreamscape chorus that gives in to the delayed-out bass again. I'm not sure who Jennifer is, but I feel an utter calm descend like a warm blanket. Really dig on the fog-adelic forest too, since the guitars seem to be emanating from a far off room, perhaps coated in moss.

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