Sunday, May 16, 2010

weekly list, vol. 2

being sick the entire weekend yer off sucks. that being said, here's a list!

--tell no one--
amelia heard about this french thriller exactly a year ago on NPR, and after she watched it tuesday night (i went to sleep), she couldn't stop talking about it. or go to sleep until around 4am. watched it on thursday...and it was pretty good all the way through. smarter and with better performances than...
--michael clayton--
i guess it was the week of thrillers. i was pleasantly surprised by this movie, as long as i didn't think too hard about the too-easy unjust corporation. plus, i like george clooney. all told, it was less thrilling (though with less loose ends than) tell no one.
--the weeping camel--
by far the best movie we watched last week, even though i was feverish & ache-filled while doing so. a quiet, stark-yet-touching account of mongolians living in the desolate, windswept gobi desert, and their quest to reunite a camel & its calf, rejected from nursing since birth. all the sounds in this movie, from the near-constant wind, to the ritual pouring, stirring, and casting of milk into the breeze, to the groans, bleats, chuffs, and chewing emanating from the host of camels and sheep. a movie i wouldn't mind watching again...and i never watch movies twice!

camels: a bit unsightly, aren't they?

--cocteau twins - heaven or las vegas--
checked out this and a singles collection after reading about cocteau twins in one of those terrible "hear these 1000 records" compilation books. realized i'd never actively listened to any cocteau twins. i'm more than happy with this mix of shimmering, shoegaze & tremolo-ed out guitars over kraut-y drums that don't sound too 80s-ish (usually takes me a long time to get past that; re: stone roses' first record). of course...this record is from 1993. still...enjoying this quite a bit through headphones. not as much as slowdive, but it isn't quite that atmospheric.

--more of John Dos Passos' U.S.A. trilogy--
almost 300 pages in now, and just recently have some of the narratives started to intersect. none have really collided, and some have just barely touched. still pretty wowed by his scope of early 20th century american life...almost enough so to go buy a suit and go get a fantastically odd job by worming my way into high society. is that still possible?

--for the first time ever, i added bacon to my homemade mac'n'cheese. this was the best decision i've made in a while.
--friday made pizza (with amelia's new crust...which was pretty much better than mine) with fresh mozz, bacon, and banana peppers. throw in a bottle of red wine.
--awesome jamaican patties with my brother at....patties of jamaica of course. really should eat these more often, though they are highly addictive. pastry + spiced meat = yes.
--el sol de tala on thursday with amelia's parents & sister. still by far the best mexican in town.

now to try & rest/heal up before band practice!

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  1. I don't comment often on your blog. It is, however... excellent. Your lists have not yet steered me wrong. And I'm glad you like "HoLV"... what a fantastic combo of sounds.