Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Afternoon Comb-Over

A new feature? Who knew! Monday Afternoon Comb-Over is just a smattering of things; what I've been reading; listening to; and various links that may or may not warrant your attention.


Don Delillo's Underworld - Thus far (500+ pages in); a highly enjoyable, post-modern mishmash that begins with a breathless take on the Shot Heard 'Round the World (the baseball game; not archduke assassination). From here, it spreads its wings around 4 decades of American life, and numerous character sets with varied intersections. A handwringing look at what lies beneath the veneer of America-after-the-bomb.


Flying Saucer Attack's Mirror - Fingerpicked folk, My Bloody Valentine-esque guitar-noise-washouts, and stark machine-Kraut rhythms melt together seamlessly on 2000's Mirror. "Suncatcher" is a sparse and pastoral highlight, while "Islands" follows with hypnotic static oscillations that are folded into the understated groove of a very liquid-y bass-line and metronomic beat. Less harsh than New Lands, but just as far out into the cosmos.


  1. New Doomsday Seed Vault Opens - Picture at the top is probably the most interesting thing here---except for the fact's anybody gonna get in that thing? And when they do, they'll only need to walk a thousand miles south to plant. Or maybe we'll have floating-supersonic-segueways by then.
  2. Family Guy spoofs Alien - Not sure why this is so funny, but it has spawned a new buzzword in my small circle of friends..."Zoop!"
  3. Preliminary Terrastock 7 schedule is now up...and I received my 4-day ticket late last week. Particularly excited to see (for the first time) Oneida, Bardo Pond, Jack Rose, and Pelt.

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  1. i enjoy this blog action you have going on here. especially your recipes & book reviews. i need some good eats & good reads!