Tuesday, February 5, 2008

iDaDa First Friday Review

Friday saw my girlfriend and I exploring what the galleries in Fountain Square had to offer. The display in Big Car was probably the best, a collection of work by a Herron student arranged like a one-room house, complete with bed, end table + rotary phone, deer skull, actual deer head (with an eyepatch), and most impressive, a mantle and fireplace guard.

The pieces themselves were mostly in brown tones, heavy with skulls, Old West-overtures, and an all-encompassing sense of slow, progressive death. My only minor quibbles were a couple pieces that didn't seem to jibe with the rest; a skater-dude print complete with 'Brutal' hat, and a second piece of animals holding hands that was also dominated by a blue hue.

Downstairs in the Alchemy space, there was my favorite piece of the night, a waxy assembled piece with a lit candle (snuffed soon after observation) in front of an aged photograph. Seemed to convey a sense of palpable history, all dominated by a gray-green hue closest to that of aged bronze patina.

Upstairs, the lure of audible drone brought me into a space with some holographic digital canvas prints, and a large, cycling piece of video art on the wall, all of it with a post-apocalyptic landfill feel. While the drone added to the atmosphere, I can't say it was very great stuff. Low rumbles with high synth-y strings floating above, the sounds setting an inoffensively dark tone for the room, but because of its seemingly circular never went anywhere. Although in defense of the music choice---the video art was on a loop, so it would make sense for the music behind the piece to remain ambiently circular.

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